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Qty*** HP ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Call617271FH48AA ELITEDISPLAY E243M MON406.06  BGN  HPMonitor1FH48AA
Call61734MN0W2-USA-EU IPHONE 6S 32G GRY289.02  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesMN0W2-USA-EU
Avl61735MPRL2 IPHONE 7 128G RED SE570.68  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesMPRL2
Call617365UC68ES Z2 G4 TWR I7-8700 16G1865.67  BGN  HPPC285UC68ES#ABD
Call617374RW91EA Z2 G4 SFF I7-8700 8GB1624.23  BGN  HPPC284RW91EA#ABU
Call617513XD33AA 14 BLK/GOLD CARRY SLEE19.75  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3XD33AA
Call617707AC18EA 600G5PD MT I59500 8GB1338.89  BGN  HPPC287AC18EA
Call61773T6U20AA WIRELESS (LINK-5) KEYB39.51  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesT6U20AA
Call61775H6F25AA ULTRA MOBILE WL MOUSE30.73  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesH6F25AA
Call617907PF07EA ELITEDESK 800G5 SFF I51459.61  BGN  HPPC287PF07EA
Call617917AC46EA 600G5PD SFF I59500 8GB1327.92  BGN  HPPC287AC46EA
Call617927PE88EA 800G5ED TWR I59500 8GB1503.51  BGN  HPPC287PE88EA
Call61793871242-B21 DL360 G10 2SFF NVME310.52  BGN  HPServers Accessories871242-B21
Call61794862976-B21 16GB DDR4 2400 ECC395.08  BGN  HPServers RAM862976-B21
Call61818T0E19AA 17.3 SIGNATURE TOPLOAD26.34  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesT0E19AA
Call618207EL89EA 400G6PD SFF I39100 8GB998.68  BGN  HPPC287EL89EA
Avl618217EL75EA 400G6PD MT I59500 8GB1119.40  BGN  HPPC287EL75EA
Call618227EL82EA 400G6PD MT I79700 8GB1415.72  BGN  HPPC287EL82EA
Avl618237EL95EA 400G6PD SFF I59500 8GB1119.40  BGN  HPPC287EL95EA
Call61839817953-B21 INTEL XEON E52683V43950.84  BGN  HPServers CPU817953-B21
Call618537PF23EA 600G5PD DM I59500T 8GB1240.12  BGN  HPPC287PF23EA
Call618547PF50EA 800G5ED DM I59500 8GB1448.64  BGN  HPPC287PF50EA
Call618989SX3000IR EATON UPS 9SX2743.64  BGN  HPServers Accessories9SX3000IR
Call61899MS WIN 10 HOME KEY98.77  BGN  HPSoftwareWH10 EKAY
Call619246XD97EA EB850G6 I5-8265U 15 8G1799.83  BGN  HPNB6XD97EA
Call619253ZH19EA EB1050G1 I5-8300H 15 2535.12  BGN  HPNB3ZH19EA
Call619266XE21EA EB850G6 I5-8265U 152118.09  BGN  HPNB6XE21EA
Call61927W7U02A LJ MFP M436NDA PRINTER1525.46  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4W7U02A
Avl619284ZB77A LASER 107A PRINTER159.74  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A44ZB77A
Call619296CF47AV PRODESK 400 G6 MT PC842.84  BGN  HPPC286CF47AV
Avl61938P00920-B21 16GB 1RX4 PC4-2933329.24  BGN  HPServers RAMP00920-B21
Call619391MR94AA HP PEN48.29  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1MR94AA
Call619403TK89AA INTEL 9260 802.11AC PC57.07  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3TK89AA
Call619535JC17AV IDS UMA RYZEN3 3200U759.44  BGN  HPNB5JC17AV
Call61960210-ARJD DELL WD19TB USB-C DOC441.41  BGN  HPPSG Accessories210-ARJD
Call61975T0E18AA 17.3 VALUE TOPLOAD17.56  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesT0E18AA
Call619766KD06AA EXECUTIV 15.6 TOP LOAD70.24  BGN  HPPSG Accessories6KD06AA
Avl619778BY20ES 400G6PD SFF I59500 8GB845.04  BGN  HPPC288BY20ES
Call61992P05520-B21 DL360 G10 4110 SRV3215.54  BGN  HPServersP05520-B21
Call61997V1S46AA X900 WIRED MOUSE6.58  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesV1S46AA
Avl620004ZB82A LASER MFP 135A PRINTER210.63  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A44ZB82A
Avl62001L2759A SJ PRO 2000 S1637.25  BGN  HPScannersL2759A
Call62003507127-B21 300G 2.5IN 10K SAS307.29  BGN  HPServers HDD507127-B21
Avl620087YM20EA EB840G6 I5-8265U 14 8G1646.18  BGN  HPNB7YM20EA
Call620097YC98EP EB840G6 I5-8365U 14 8G1931.52  BGN  HPNB7YC98EP
Call62011XEON GOLD 6142 / 16X2.6GHZ5685.21  BGN  HPServers CPUCD8067303405400
Call62057P03686-425 PROLIANT ML110 G102589.99  BGN  HPServersP03686-425
Call620666EF24AV PRODESK 400 G6 SFF PC790.17  BGN  HPPC286EF24AV
Avl620768BY22EA 400G6PD MT I59500 8GB875.77  BGN  HPPC288BY22EA
Avl62084UB0E0E 3Y NBD NB ONLY SVC0.00  BGN  HPCare PacksUB0E0E
Call620808BY21ES 400G6PD SFF I39100 4GB656.28  BGN  HPPC288BY21ES
Call620862YW27AV-AR-SB6-R Z2 G4 TWR I71755.93  BGN  HPPC282YW27AV-AR-SB6-R
Call62095774026-001 HDD LOWPROFILE TRAY76.82  BGN  HPServers Accessories774026-001
Call62096J8J64A LJ ENT FLOW MFP M631H3511.85  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4J8J64A
Call620975PP97EA PB450G6 I5-8265U 15 8G1073.31  BGN  HPNB5PP97EA
Call623948MG37EA 450 G6 15.6 I5-8265U1127.97  BGN  HPNB8MG37EA8MG37EA
Call627178MG38EA 450 G6 FHD 15.6 I71407.05  BGN  HPNB8MG38EA
Call624558MG39EA 450 G6 15.6 I5-8265U1157.03  BGN  HPNB8MG39EA
Call621197PG49EA 400G5PD DM I59500T 8GB812.12  BGN  HPPC287PG49EA
Call62132J8J91A LJ 1X550 PAPER FEEDER746.27  BGN  HPIPG AccessoriesJ8J91A
Call6213440AG0090EU LENOVO DOCK307.29  BGN  HPPSG Accessories40AG0090EU
Call621367EL74EA 400G6PD MT I59500 8GB1141.35  BGN  HPPC287EL74EA
Call621447KN89EA ELITEX2G4 I5-8265U 13 2381.48  BGN  HPNB7KN89EA
Call621696AE50AV IDS PROONE 440 G5 23.81003.07  BGN  HPPC286AE50AV
Call621717EM17EA 400G5PD DM I39100T 8GB976.73  BGN  HPPC287EM17EA
Call621793PN48AA 65W USB-C SLIM POWER A52.68  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3PN48AA
Call621811FK07AA 15.6 CLASSIC BRIEFCASE19.75  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1FK07AA
Call621824SZ45AV IDS UMA I5-8265U 4501101.84  BGN  HPNB4SZ45AV
Call62184A7945660 DELL 16GB DDR4 2133296.31  BGN  HPServers RAMA7945660
Call621966EC71EA 250G7 I5-8265U 15 8GB831.87  BGN  HPNB6EC71EA
Call62221P02465-B21 DL380G10 2X5218 SRV8779.64  BGN  HPServersP02465-B21
Call62222870759-B21 900GB SAS 15K SFF570.68  BGN  HPServers HDD870759-B21
Call62206P02464-B21 PROLIANT DL380 G103621.60  BGN  HPServersP02464-B21
Call62207P02492-B21 DL380 G10 XEON SILV921.86  BGN  HPServers CPUP02492-B21
Call62208P00924-B21 32G DDDR4 -2933 REG482.88  BGN  HPServers RAMP00924-B21
Call622097PF64EA 800G5ED DM I59500T 8GB1371.82  BGN  HPPC287PF64EA
Call622107KN12EA PB650G5 I5-8265U 15 8G1437.67  BGN  HPNB7KN12EA
Call62224MZ7LH240HAHQ 240GB SSD219.49  BGN  HPServers HDDMZ7LH240HAHQ-00005
Call622416NX83AA 32GB 2666MHZ DDR4 N-EC307.29  BGN  HPPSG Accessories6NX83AA
Call622836KD15AA QUICK RELEASE 221.95  BGN  HPPSG Accessories6KD15AA
Call623033TK82AA INTRNL SERIAL PORT24.14  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3TK82AA
Call62315FRE82B/A MACBOOK AIR 13.3 20181646.18  BGN  HPNBFRE82B/A
Call623191AA81A4 Z32 UHD 4K DISPLAY1470.59  BGN  HPMonitor1AA81A4
Call62322P11053-421 ML350 G10 5218 SVR5706.76  BGN  HPServersP11053-421
Call62323P10945-B21 ML350 G10 5218 KIT2414.40  BGN  HPServers CPUP10945-B21
Call62324874577-B21 ML350 G10 ODD BAY65.85  BGN  HPServers Accessories874577-B21
Call62325P11064-A21 MS WS19 STD ADD LIC1536.44  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesP11064-A21
Call623264RX36EA Z2G4T I58500 8GB/1TB P2074.19  BGN  HPPC284RX36EA
Call623275PP62EA PB450G6 I5-8265U 15 8G1262.07  BGN  HPNB5PP62EA
Call62328P11070-B21 MS WS19 ESS ROK658.47  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesP11070-B21
Call623334RW80EA Z2G4T I78700 8GB/256 P2074.19  BGN  HPPC284RW80EA
Call623345PP79EA PB450G6 I3-8145U 15 4G1075.51  BGN  HPNB5PP79EA
Call623485PP50EA PB430G6 I3-8145U 13 4G1152.33  BGN  HPNB5PP50EA
Call623496FW20AV IDS UMA I5-8265U 16GB2392.45  BGN  HPNB6FW20AV
Call62364786092-B21 DL380 G9 8SFF H24076.82  BGN  HPServers Accessories786092-B21
Call62365Q1J00A MSA 2050 SAN DC LFF STO9196.67  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersQ1J00A
Call62515Q1J09A D3610 ENCLOSURE5926.25  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesQ1J09A
Call62367R0P90A MSA 48TB SAS 7.2K LFF 67550.49  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersR0P90A
Call62368QW937B SN3000B 24/12 FC SWITCH18634.78  BGN  HPNetworkingQW937B

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices